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Apple began present a “free application of the week” support inside 2012 as a means of emphasizing some of the App Store’s best concepts and inspiring users to start downloading. Google, belatedly, is hunt in Apple’s footsteps with its own recently launched “free app of the week” area at Google Play. However, we realize that Google includes not yet committed to make this a full-time feature.
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Instead, Google Play’s “free request in the week” is there a little the guests is testing only in america. instead of a four-week time interval. Internally, their being thought a pilot program.
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The feature was primarily perceived by Android Law, which perceived the piece had begun looking on the Play Save about both pc and portable, including a complimentary download of the normally $2.99 game Card Wars – Adventure Stretch from Cartoon Network.
VentureBeat reports the piece was launched last week, but Cartoon Network influences in which it’s not aware of any app being promoted before their software. The current promotion moves from Thursday to Thursday, edge by Development 30, 2017.
We too realize that Google Play approached Cartoon Group to request if the idea planned to participate in the pilot course. The visitors was not going to go a selling at the time, but agreed.
This also means there is more of a good article selection process for those apps which take place showing up because “free software in the week,” instead of some algorithm that’s parsing Google Show for current apps that were already on trade.
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Though Cartoon Association happens today go their application away for free in this program, Google is not paying the writer for the downloads.

This is not the first time Google has put forward a free request of the week. Google had previously checked the brand assist at home 2015, once that thrown away a “free app of the week” within the children section of Google Play. At the time, it was presenting a complimentary app from PBS Kids.
It is also not once that Android consumers have had the opportunity to download paid content for free — Amazon in 2015 launched Amazon Underground, a fragment about a Amazon Appstore where premium apps are present for free. Its shape compensates developers based on how long these apps utilized, the party said.
Then, obviously, app publishers also generally go their own sales in an effort to boost downloads with the Google Play ranking.
Google dropped to comment on the business model around the “free request of the week,” however.
A company spokesperson instead offered this statement, “We happen always being improvements to Google Play to offer to the top use potential toward our own customers.”

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